What the heck is a Promposal?


What the heck is a promposal?  My youngest son tells me to ask someone to go to prom with him he has to plan an elaborate promposal.  At his school these invitations have to be performed in front of a crowd of people including of course the intended prom date.   What happens if the intended prom date is not interested in going with the poor sap that has planned the promposal?  Does she tell him in front of all his and her friends?  What happens to the guys that are a bit shy, and not willing to embarrass themselves in front of a crowd, but would still like to attend their prom?  Apparently these promposals are getting more and more extravagant with the guys spending lots of money to impress their intended date.

Times have certainly changed, but this seems a bit much, especially for the guys without a steady girlfriend.  Whatever happened to “hey Suzie, you going to the prom with anybody yet?” face to face, in a private moment?