In Haus Cooking to Celebrate

Well, they got me good! My three sons planned and executed a surprise dinner party featuring In Haus Cooking. This surprise was to celebrate my 60th birthday, something we never got to do in (or since) April 2020. With absolutely no idea of their scheming, I thought I was returning from the cottage to hang out with two grandchildren while their parents attended an office BBQ.

Of course that was the ultimate ruse to get me home. Dangle a few adorable grandchildren and I bite every time!

In Haus Cooking

Our culinary experience was prepared, cooked, and served at my eldest son’s house by In Haus Cooking founder and chef Michael Hauschild. I’m thinking a more appropriate name would be In Haus Culinary Creations!

Our family has known Michael and his family for several years, since he played hockey and attended high school with my youngest son. His proud parents have shared his hard work and successful career on social media, so it was a delight to sample his talent.

Michael Hauschild of In Haus Cooking
Michael Hauschild

Michael and his staff bring everything with them and clean up afterwards too, so there’s no post party mess for the host.

Our five courses were visibly gorgeous and incredibly delicious, topped off with fresh, macerated strawberries (sorry, no picture) for dessert.

Book a Culinary Experience with In Haus Cooking

Now that Covid restrictions have eased in Ottawa, In Haus Cooking is once again taking bookings for personal catering with an artistic flare.

I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Oops, I Messed up!

The only downside to the surprise celebration was that I managed to persuade my husband to stay at the cottage while I drove home. It was a cool, windy day there with high waves pounding our boat against the dock. I knew he was worried about the boat.

I have noticed too that I am getting less comfortable driving on the windy, hill, narrow, (little to no, sandy shoulders) treacherous roads to and from our cottage. In fact, there was just another fatal accident on these roads recently. A young man (22) lost control of his vehicle on a curve and plummeted to his death. I don’t want to get less comfortable or less skilled at managing those roads. That’s because I believe that when You Don’t Use it You Lose it.

Hubby has also been Stressed out at work, so I thought he deserved and would welcome a quiet day puttering around at the cottage.

It wasn’t until I got home and found an invitation at my front door that I realized my mistake. I had left him at the cottage without a vehicle and by then it was too late for anyone to go pick him up!

That’s the downside of surprises, the possibility of something (or someone) spoiling the best laid plans…

Culinary World Cup 2018

On his blog, Michael Hauschild describes the  Road to Luxembourg, AKA his culinary journey, to represent Canada abroad.   Passionate about all things culinary, his training has been particularly intense since he was selected a year ago to compete on Canada’s Youth Culinary Team. The 2018 Culinary World Cup takes place soon in Luxembourg.

In Canada (and many other countries too) we are all aware of a World Cup for hockey, skiing, curling, and many other sports.  I’d be willing to bet though that most people, myself included, are probably not aware of a World Cup competition for culinary skills. If you aren’t or even if you already were, check out the team’s Facebook page for more details.

I heard about this event from Michael’s (very proud) grandmother, one of my gardening clients, whom I also know from my days as a hockey manager.  Michael, you see, is one of my son’s hockey teammates that nicknamed me Loreeebee many years ago.  Obviously, his biological family is very proud of him as is his (very large) hockey family.

We and the rest of Canada are rooting for you Michael and your new team.  As Luxembourg’s primary language is French, I will end with Bonne Chance!

culinary world cup 2018