Free Jamie Oliver Knife Collection

If you spend any time in the kitchen, you will know who Jamie Oliver is.  A free Jamie Oliver knife collection is currently available at Sobeys grocery stores.  This professional quality, stainless steel knife collection is awesome.

For every ten dollars spent on groceries at Sobeys, shoppers are given one coupon.  The yellow coupons have a sticky backing, so can easily be collected in a booklet, also provided at Sobeys…

Collectibles include paring, utility, bread, carving, santoku, and chef’s knives, as well as a sharpening tool, scissors, a carving fork, and a knife block.  Items range from 30 to 70 coupons, although they can be purchased with a combination of cash and coupons or just cash.  The chart in the center picture above describes all of the options available.

I have collected two knives so far, an 8-inch bread knife (pictured at top) for 60 coupons and a 6.5-inch santoku knife for 70 coupons.  I am thrilled with both.  The bread knife slices baguettes and fresh bread without crushing them and the santoku slices through partially frozen chicken breasts like warm butter. I hope to collect as many as possible.

The best thing about this Jamie Oliver promotion is that coupon redemption is simple; choose the knife you want, take it to the cashier with your groceries, and redeem your booklet of coupons to pay for the knife.

I love this kind of promotion.  No extra money is required, coupons for groceries purchased means everyone and anyone can collect them, it does not take long to collect enough coupons to redeem them for a knife, and you do not have to mail anything or wait to receive your free products.

Start your free Jamie Oliver knife collection today by shopping at Sobeys.