Step out of Your Comfort Zone in your Garden

I must admit I will always have my favorite perennials, but working with many different plants lately in gardens throughout the western Ottawa area, I find myself warming up to plants I was never that fond of, forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone.

For some reason, hostas were never on the top of my list of favorite perennials, but I now acknowledge they look awesome in some gardens, especially the large gardens where they have a chance to spread out.  These beauties are perfect in their setting…

I have also warmed up to colors other than my favorite purple, pink and yellow.  Red flowers were never on the top of my list either, but recently I have noticed how striking they are, especially next to a contrasting color.  These are red-painted daisies, gorgeous in front of blue/purple irises:

I am learning how to experiment outside of my comfort zone with new varieties and colors of perennials.  To do the same, instead of planting many plants of the same variety, try many varieties of plants for a spectacular and unique display.  Instead of choosing colors that match  (you are not planning your wardrobe here) choose colors opposite or at least far away from each other on the color wheel to achieve the most impact in your garden…

Have fun with your design, and remember, nothing in your garden is permanent.  I like to think of my garden as a work (of art) in process.  If you do not like the changes, you can always revert back to the previous version.

If you need help or have questions, contact me.