A game seven nail biter in the World Series

Although I was hoping the Toronto Blue Jays would be in the World Series this year, so did not really care who won between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs, I must admit it was a wild series.

The Cleveland Indians beat out the Toronto Blue Jays to get to this final match up, so I was leaning towards favoring the Indians to beat the Cubs for the title.   The often mentioned fact that the Chicago Cubs had not won the World Series in 108 years (not that the Indians had won any time recently either) had my loyalties conflicted.  When the Cleveland Indians were up three games to one in the best of seven series against the Cubs I was (almost) ready to quit watching the series.

Then the Cubs won a game, and another to tie the series at three games each.  Last night was game seven, in Cleveland Ohio, and what a game it was.  It started off slow and ho hum (unless you are a Cubs fan); the Cubs were up early and I had switched the channel at the 4-1 score.  I forgot about the best thing about baseball, the fact that things (the score) can change quickly, very quickly…

Upon switching the channel back,  I was stunned to see the game tied at 6.   The Cubs added a few more runs and the Indians rallied once more in the 8th inning with a two-run homer by Rajai Davis (a former Toronto Blue Jay player, no less) to tie it up.

Then the Cubs almost (a should of, could of, would of, moment) won in the 9th inning with a man left on third base.  I still do not understand why Joe Madden asked for a bunt from batter Javier Baez, with a potential run on third, and a count of one out and two strikes.  I admit I do not know a lot about baseball, but a sacrifice fly seemed like a no-brainer to me!  Even I know that you are out if your bunt is foul with two strikes against you.  Boy, did Baez look angry as he stomped off the field, not sure he was angry at himself for not executing a perfect bunt or Madden for making the call to bunt in that situation.

After a short rain delay (Mother Nature had to have a say too!) to add to the drama on the field, the Cubs added two runs in the top of the tenth inning to which the Indians could not respond in the bottom of the tenth.

A thrilling win for the Chicago Cubs!   A heart-breaking, can’t believe it, so close, thought we had it, loss for the Cleveland Indians.