New Garden Designs for Gardens4U


As well as general maintenance (weeding) and spring cleanups, Gardens4u completed several new garden designs so far this season, although one is still a work in progress. Most of the time I remembered to take before and after pictures.

Continuing the Neighbour Theme

At the end of last season, a third neighbour asked me to help them reconfigure their front yard around an updated veranda and interlock walkway.

This was one of my easiest projects as the homeowners were very hands-on. From shopping for and planting perennials and shrubs to sod/grass removal,(the black fabric smothered the existing grass) soil enhancement, and edging of the finished creation, they barely needed me. My job was to recommend plant choices and their placement based on mature size and bloom time. I also created the garden shape with a hose and suggested the location of the stepping stones.

This is what the yard looked like during the process:

…and this is what it looks like now:

Wedding Preparation

Another client asked me to help him transform and design new gardens on his parents’ farm property in preparation for his daughter’s upcoming wedding. The house is being renovated as well with plans for an Airbnb property.

There are seven garden beds; a huge undertaking that I have been working on all summer. The bride and groom-to-be have been helping too, doing most of the clearing, weeding, mulching etc. This frees up my time for designing and planting, my two favourite parts of a new garden project.

Here are a few before pics:

some during pics:

and some after pics:

These after pictures are of just the new garden designs at the front of the house. Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with the gorgeous sidewalk.

The other beds are still in progress. When this project is complete, I will show you the final pictures of all garden beds created. Stay tuned!

Moving to the Backyard

I have been working with these clients for several years now, first at their old home here in Kanata…

Gardens4u New Garden Designs

…and then at their new Hintonburg area home after they moved. Last season I worked on new garden designs for the front yards of their new duplex. The outside of one side is very traditional looking, the other quite modern, so I designed gardens to match the two different styles…

Before pics:

This is what they look like now:

This season these same clients requested my services for garden design and an overhaul in their back and side yards.

before pics:

after pics:

Next season these newly renovated garden beds will look awesome!

Garden Touch Up

At the end of the last (2020) season, I modified a neighbour’s garden, moving plants and adding new ones to the expanded space. We also added stepping stones to break up the larger area. At the time she had some natural coloured mulch we used up.

This summer we changed the look by adding dark brown mulch, (right on top of the natural coloured mulch) creating a much more vibrant look, which contrasts well/better with the maturing plants.

Designing new gardens or updating tired, old, outdated or overgrown gardens is my favourite part of my gardening business. Check out my before and after pictures of my creations.

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Gardening Business: What a Difference a Year Makes!

gardening business

Last year at this time I wrote “spring is just around the corner” about my gardening hobby. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would soon be the proud owner of my own gardening company! But what a difference a year makes! In April 2012 Gardens4U was born and I must admit, these past eight months have been a whirlwind.

Getting Started

I was busier than I had anticipated with this gardening business, even throughout the scorching hot weather we had here in Ottawa. I am blessed to have so many friends and contacts that were willing to give my services a try, and then recommend me to others. I created, planted, designed, cleaned up, and restored many gardens, loving every minute of it. When I wasn’t in someone else’s garden, I managed to find time in my own.

Admin Stuff

On the few rainy days we had in the summer and throughout the fall, I printed up business cards and built a website; a real challenge for me as I am the first to admit that I am seriously technically challenged!!  Although I am proud of what I have accomplished so far, I am always open to suggestions and comments…

Winter Projects

In the late fall, I created some indoor and outdoor planters for the Christmas craft sale at the QCH in December.  They were a huge success and eventually, I sold them all.  As the fall faded to winter, I got back into writing articles on WordPress and decided to start a blog to discuss my wheat allergy with those interested in cutting wheat from their diets. I have discovered that many people are concerned about the negative effects wheat can have on our bodies, even without a diagnosed wheat allergy.  To organize all of my current interests in one place,  I added a few articles about my wheat-free diet to my blog.

What’s Next

This spring I am looking forward to working for repeat clients and to meeting new ones in my gardening business.  I have the advantage this year of time to schedule these clients according to what they need me to do for them.  I also plan on creating outdoor spring planters; I will be sure to post some on this blog