Sweet Potato an Alternative to Bread

Did you know that sweet potato slices make a great alternative to bread for those of you on a gluten-free diet?  Even if you are not eating gluten-free, slices of sweet potato make a much healthier and lighter alternative than bread.

Simply slice a sweet potato lengthwise as thin as you can slice it, pop the slices in the toaster (keep the slices long enough so you do not lose them in the toaster), toast until they soften, and start to turn brown at the edges and voila!  You could also roast them on a BBQ rack or mat.  I brush them with olive oil and crushed garlic before BBQing them. Of course, I omit this oil step if using a regular toaster to prevent a fire in my toaster!

I made a hamburger last weekend:

sweet potatoes

As the meat portions of the hamburgers were cooking on the BBQ, I made my “bun.”   I cut the meat patty in half to accommodate the shape of the potato slices. The results were delicious!

I also tried some toasted slices topped with peanut butter and jam for breakfast recently.  I was so eager to eat my concoction, I forgot to take a picture!

I am addicted now and can’t wait to make:

  • toasted tomato sandwiches
  • pizzas
  • wraps and any other kind of sandwich
  • eggs benedict
  • egg mcmuffins

I would love to hear any other ideas; please share your suggestions!

Mother’s Day weekend

Mother’s Day weekend is a great opportunity to get lots of chores checked off my gardening to-do list.  Unfortunately, owning a gardening business means that my own garden is low on my priority list.   Luckily, my sons are quite willing to help me work through my list on Mother’s Day weekend.

This year Saturday was spent in the company of one son helping his friend’s mother plant some trees in her yard.  Not my garden, but something I had promised to do.  He can get done in one hour what it would easily take me all day to do.  There were lots of plants that needed to be removed as well as a trench that needed to be dug before the trees went in…


As I have done for the past twenty Mother’s Days, I woke up Sunday morning missing my own mother and mother-in-law, both who left this world much too young and way too early in my life.  Why is it that you never fully appreciate something until it is gone?  Today and always, I especially long for the chance to show them both what wonderful grandsons they share…


1984 Bob & Lori's wedding D.jpeg


Back to my Mother’s Day activities this year…After enjoying a delicious Sunday brunch prepared by my youngest son…



…we headed outside to get my pond up and running for the season…



My son is grilling tonight’s dinner on the BBQ as I write this, to be served with green beans and twice baked potatoes followed by blizzards from Dairy Queen for dessert. Yummmmm….

This Mother’s Day will be capped off by a dinner out tomorrow night with all three sons and my husband.  I am a lucky woman and a very proud mother!


How hot is it in Eastern Ontario, Canada?

This picture of the temperature gauge on our BBQ at the cottage was taken yesterday late afternoon.  You can see the temperature reads well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, before the BBQ was turned on…




It was a great weekend to be at the lake!  Unfortunately, we are back to work today with the weather still very hot.

Superbowl Sunday BBQ’d Sausages

Although the temperature outside is very cold here again today, we decided to BBQ sausages for a pre Superbowl treat…


That -18 degrees is Celsius, which converts to 0 degrees for those of you who like your temperature measured in  Fahrenheit.   We had to shovel a path through the snow piled on our back deck to get to the BBQ, and then pry the frozen cover off it, but thankfully it fired up quickly…

Every time I opened the lid of the BBQ, the inside temperature took a nose dive, so the sausages were cooked in no time on the highest temperature setting…

Luckily it’s warmer in Arizona for the Superbowl!