Monster Mosquitoes

Is it my imagination, or are the mosquitoes larger and more ferocious with lots more of them this summer?  It seems they are out in full force all day long, whether the sun is shining or not!

Being a gardener, I am getting a little too up close and personal with these annoying insects.  Even when I remember to spray my body with an insect repellent it doesn’t take them long to find the spots I missed.  I am working on creating an all natural repellent as the commercial ones give me an instant headache and the sniffles; stay tuned for more information on that…

Those pesky mosquitoes are also thriving at our family cottage, again, all day long, not just at dusk or when overcast.  Trying to get any work done outdoors is brutal; we spend more time swatting than working.  We recently installed a bat house to see if attracting bats to our property will keep the mosquito population down.

Did you know that there are 64 species of mosquitoes in Ontario alone?  The species connected to the West Nile Virus breeds in urban areas and never flies far from its breeding grounds of stagnant, shallow water that is high in organic matter.  Let that be a warning to keep the water collectors in your yard clean.  Bird baths and kiddie pools should be drained and cleaned frequently.   Water filled planters, watering cans, and other items hanging around the yard should be emptied often, especially with all the rain we have had lately.  If you have an ornamental pond, be sure it includes a waterfall or fountain so the water is not stagnant, and add some fish to eat the mosquito larvae that may breed there.