What’s with this Headache?

I went to bed with a headache two nights ago and haven’t been able to get rid of it since.  Yesterday I woke up with it and it lasted all day, so last night I went to bed with the same headache and again woke up with it this morning.  Yesterday I broke down and took 2 advil (ibuprofen) and 1 tylenol extra strength (acetaminophen).  Not all at the same time, but over the span of the day, with no relief.  I am not usually a fan of medications, any kind of medication upsets my stomach and makes me jittery, but sometimes I am desperate. This morning I took yet another advil as soon as I got up so another day would not be wasted.

I’m not sure when a headache becomes a migraineor if a headache can become a migraine, or whether migraines are separate things from headaches. I am not experiencing an “aura” as described in the migraine definition, but have been extra sensitive to loud noise and light.

After reading this article about the five types of headaches, I believe I have a tension headache.  My headache is not throbbing, just the back of my head hurts close to the top of my neck.  Apparently the best treatment is ibuprofen or acetaminophen, so I should feel better soon.  I have been out using my new garden toy for the past two days, enjoying this awesome weather we have been experiencing; sure hope the leaf blower/mulcher is not the culprit!

Upon finishing this article and a cup of coffee, the headache has subsided enough for me to think about getting out to another garden…