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Erasing History, Why is it so Selective?

I find it extremely annoying and disconcerting that people want to eradicate historic people and events. History is based on facts, some good and some not so good, but none that should be erased to make us feel better about ourselves. Hopefully we have evolved enough to avoid repeating the same politically incorrect transgressions.

Canadians (some) Demanding all Traces of Sir John A MacDonald be Removed

Sir John A MacDonald has been on the literal hit list in Canada lately. Schools, buildings, streets, statues, bridges, and the like are being renamed because of the belief that his federal policies were suspect when he was our Prime Minister. As our very first Prime Minister, he was instrumental in our country’s development and deserves a place in our history.

I find this obsession to erase history frustrating and ridiculous. Where do we draw the line? Who decides who was bad, really bad, bad enough to wipe them out?

Erasing history
Sir John A. MacDonald, Wikipedia

What About O.J?

These feelings of disgust were re-awakened yesterday afternoon when I was watching football and O.J. Simpson’s name came up. Inducted into the football hall of fame for his prowess on the field, he is still idolized and celebrated often by commentators and fans.

I don’t know about you, but I was totally dismayed that O.J. literally got away with murder. Twice. Talk about a travesty of justice. Yes, he was convicted in a civil suit, awarding money to the families of his victims, and spent some time in the clinker, but still got away with murder in the criminal courts.

O.J. Simpson, Wikipedia

What’s the Difference?

The point of this rant? Why is there a difference between the way we are willing to acknowledge the historic actions or behaviour of Sir John A and O.J? Why does O.J. Simpson continue to be idolized and revered when Sir John A. MacDonald and other historic figures are getting toppled from our graces, shunned, with all traces of them discarded from our lives?

Life Lessons

Learning from our mistakes should be considered valuable life lessons. We should be taught to move on and refrain (hopefully) from repeating the same mistakes. That doesn’t mean the lessons or mistakes didn’t happen and shouldn’t be acknowledged. Life lessons get chronicled in our brains, or, in some cases, our journals or diaries.

In Conclusion

It seems to me that we are offended by everything and everyone these days. If our ideologies are threatened (??) we demand all traces of the offender removed from society. If we can accept the accomplishments and talents of one man without judging him on his lifestyle, ethics, or morals, why can we not accept the valuable contributions of others?

I believe that history is in the past; we learn about people, places, and things and decide how to incorporate the good from the past into our futures. Every country in the world can dredge up unsavory actions of their leaders and heroes. It’s how the indiscretions are dealt with that should decide the success and health of the country moving forward.

Well, I feel (somewhat) better after this rant, but I would like to hear from others. Am I wrong? Or just easily offended.

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The Small Things in Life

Sometimes the small things in life are what brings you the most pleasure. Especially when you cannot, or have not been able to, enjoy these things. As I have muddled through this past week housebound (other than a few brief outings for fresh air) with a bad cold, I have jotted a few things down…

A Cup of Coffee

I assume it has been my body’s way of keeping me hydrated by making coffee taste awful. Thursday I attempted to enjoy my first cup of coffee in over four days. It never happened. I managed a few sips, but that’s as much as I could choke down. This morning (Saturday) I tried again and got through the whole cup, but I can’t say I enjoyed it all that much.

A Hot Shower

Sad to say this has been my most exciting (and most strenuous) activity this week. After the fiasco earlier in the week, I have learned to enjoy this luxury when someone else is home to listen for any unexpected thumps.

Supermarket Roasted Chickens

My son went out for groceries this week and came home with ready to eat, roasted chickens. Brilliant! One less thing to worry about.

Messages From Friends and Family

Cheery emails and messages from friends and family and even my fellow bloggers have been greatly appreciated this week. A video chat with my two year old granddaughter was a favourite. Her sweet voice and cheery smile always make me smile, this week in my heightened sense of appreciation, even more so.

Clear Sinuses

This whole mess started with a sinus headache that I nursed for several days, over a week ago now, before the nastier symptoms hit with a vengeance. I distinctly remember the popping balloons at my grandson’s birthday party feeling like explosions in my head. Maybe those “explosions” were a sign of things to come. Regardless, I am grateful that my sinuses are now clear, although my nose is on the run.

Soft Kleenex (Tissues)

And now that my nose is on the run, I am appreciating the softness of Kleenex tissues. I admit that I always thought tissue was tissue. My nose will tell you otherwise these days.

An Appetite

My appetite was non-existent most of the week, not so for my chief cooks and bottle washers (hubby and son). This is where the aforementioned roasted chickens came in, to complement their other (take-out) dinners. Last night I managed to enjoy a half order of Pad Thai, my favourite take out dinner. Tonight I baked a (gluten free) lasagna, my first forage into the kitchen in ages. A returned appetite has reminded me of my love for cooking. I’ll leave the clean up for them.

A Pretty Winter’s Day

Looking out my windows today, I am appreciating the beautiful blue sky, snow laden trees and rooftops, the warm sunshine, and icicles, lots of icicles…

I even got out for a short walk when the sun was at it’s warmest, progress indeed!