I told you a few years ago about the vacation rental business my youngest brother started up in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico named

In November 2021, between Covid lockdowns, my family visited Cabo for another brother’s wedding. We had a marvelous time and were impressed by Dave’s obvious skills and vision for this business, even though he was supposed to be retired. This new adventure however is a huge pivot from his career in the high-tech industry. They say a change is as good as a rest!

This venture has expanded considerably since then, currently featuring several luxury condos, townhomes, and single-family homes (casas). Check out the current options available for your next vacation, there is something for everyone!

Available Services

Many other services are available to simplify your vacation, including transportation to and from the airport, grocery service, private chef, on-site massages, e-bikes, golf carts, pre-stocked (high-quality liquor) fridges, and more.


New to the business is an absolutely gorgeous, 60-foot, 2022 model Schaefer 600 Yacht. An experienced captain and crew guarantee once-in-a-lifetime yachting adventures for couples, groups, or families. Whether you are looking to book a private or semi-private sunset dinner cruise or a day of swimming, snorkeling, jet-skiing, and whale-watching, you won’t be disappointed.

The yacht is named after Dave’s favourite NHL team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, a reflection of his Canadian heritage.

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Himalayan Salt, What is it and Why is it Good for You?

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt consists of pink crystals from the sea salt beds within the pristine conditions of the Himalayan mountain range in Asia, reportedly the purest salt available in the world.  

Contains Minerals, not Toxins

The absence of toxins and contaminants plus the presence of numerous trace elements makes Himalayan salt much healthier than highly processed, bleached, and chemically cleaned table variety.  The 84 minerals and elements present, including magnesium, potassium, sulfate, calcium, and sodium chloride, are already naturally occurring in our bodies, meaning their consumption does not expose our organs to unwanted, unnatural, and potentially dangerous ingredients.  These elements and minerals within Himalayan salt are present in colloidal form which means they are easily absorbed by our bodies.

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

  • prevents muscle cramps, cellulite, arthritis, kidney or gallstones, and gout
  • improves lung and vascular function (circulation) as well as sleep patterns
  • increases hydration and libido
  • reduces blood pressure and signs of aging
  • creates a healthy cellular pH
  • eliminates heavy metals and other toxins
  • strengthens bones

Why Table (Iodized) Salt is Not Healthy

The only minerals that table salt contains are chloride and sodium; all others are stripped in processing.  The iodine added to table salt is synthetic or unnatural so our bodies cannot absorb it properly.  Table salt also contains chemical agents to prevent the product from caking in the container it is packaged in.  Unfortunately, these chemical agents also prevent table salt from being absorbed efficiently in our bodies so the chemicals deposit and build up, creating potentially dangerous conditions within our organs.  Our cells then have to use up to twenty times the amount of water to neutralize the sodium chloride within the table salt.

Sea Salt vs Himalayan Salt

Sea salt from elsewhere in the world is healthier than regular table salt, but our oceans are becoming increasingly polluted from oil spills and chemical dumping. Sea salt is now also processed heavily as well.


The crystals of Himalayan salt are also beneficial as a bath soak, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation of the skin.

Himalayan salt is by far the healthiest salt available to us today and is readily available in most grocery stores.   If you love the taste of salt added to your food, try it soon to take advantage of the many health benefits this small change can add to your life.


Playoff Hockey is Different

playoff hockey

We learn, (at least we should) season after season, that playoff hockey is different than regular-season hockey.  It’s not a skills competition; it takes a well-balanced, disciplined, physically and mentally fit team to make it very far. The Toronto Maple Leafs losing out in round two last night was a prime example of that.

A Hot (Good) and Consistent Goalie

Every team that wins the Stanley Cup or gets it in their sights (makes it to the finals or semi-finals) has a hot goalie. Goalie issues, whether injury or (under) performance related, plague many teams, Toronto included. The Ottawa Senators, my favourite team, suffered from goalie issues this past season too. Both injury and performance related and it was frustrating to watch. In retrospect, we can only wonder what could have been if these issues had not been there.

While Toronto’s Samsonov played inconsistently, Woll, their rookie goalie that played the last two games, was consistent and better but not good enough. Bobrovsky, the Panther’s goalie, on the other hand, was consistently great. I’m sure no one would disagree that he (nicknamed Bob the goalie) was the MVP of that series.

Strong Defense

A consistently strong defense is another must for Stanley Cup contenders. Not just one or two players, but six, so that every line keeps their opponent from shooting and scoring. One great defender that is expected to play 25 minutes or more a game does not constitute a strong, effective defense. Of course, not many teams have six excellent defenders but those that have the most are the teams that make it far.

Good defensive players are sturdy (don’t suffer injuries easily), hard (but not dirty) hitting, great puck movers (getting the puck out of their zone), and determined to fulfill their role on the team. It is a bonus if they can rush to the opponent’s net with the puck too, as long as they can get back to defend when the puck moves the other way.

Discipline, Endurance, and Depth

Any team that makes it deep into playoff hockey has to be extremely disciplined for sixty-minute (all three periods) games. Coming from behind is exciting but is hard to execute on a regular basis so not a reliable way to win.

Staying out of the penalty box is important too as providing opponents with a man advantage is a quick way to give up a goal and momentum in the game. Every goal is so important in playoff hockey.

Depth of talent is extremely important too. One line of high-end (paid) players won’t cut it for long. It comes back to that old saying “There’s no I in team.” It takes a whole team of teammates that each offer one hundred percent, for the entire game.

Controlling the Corners

Do you ever notice that some players are awesome at controlling the corners in hockey games? By that I mean they go right into the corners of the rink and fight for the puck with their bodies. Others tend to stand back and wave their sticks (poke) at the puck. The latter lack the grit to get the job done.

Conclusions in Playoff Hockey

The individual, high-paid players that show off their skills during the regular season by racking up the points often don’t perform as well in playoff hockey. Why is that? Because playoff hockey is not a skills competition!

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