SelfDecode to Personalize Your Healthcare

Are you frustrated with your healthcare or lack of it? I stumbled upon SelfDecode recently in my attempts to organize and investigate my own health issues. Previously I’ve used the services of a naturopath to determine a significant food sensitivity and most recently a nutritional deficiency. This DNA kit includes these tests and more.

What DNA Offers

DNA kits can be the beginning of your self-guided trek to discover answers. Combined with laboratory tests and environmental factors, your unique DNA characteristics may point you in the right direction with recommendations. Reports are generated using AI technology to analyze and compile millions of genetic codes, with amazingly accurate results.

Who Built SelfDecode?

A team of seventy professionals in the fields of engineering, artificial intelligence, science, and genomics claims this unique, ultra-modern, stunningly accurate, health software.

SelfDecode is the only DNA kit that offers truly personalized health recommendations based on your genes….Others may focus on obtaining your health data, but our focus is on providing you with the most accurate reports possible so that you can improve your health.

Get Started on Your Personalized Healthcare

Your health is yours to protect! Get the SelfDecode DNA test to get started with the following information personalized to your health and lifestyle:

-Optimal diet, fitness & supplementation plans

-Health risks & personalized prevention strategies

-Food sensitivities & nutrient deficiencies

-Ancestry & heritage