Amaryllis Bulbs, Plant Them Now!

amaryllis, red and white

Plant your amaryllis bulbs indoors this week for Christmas-time blooms. They take six or seven weeks to grow into gorgeous flowers. I have seen them in red, red and white, white and pale pink; all are beautiful!

Most grocery and department stores or nurseries carry them in kits with everything you need included. Each box contains a bulb, soil, and a pot with instructions on how to grow your amaryllis. Once potted up, leave it in an (indirect) sunny spot and watch it grow. Turn the pot regularly to keep the stem growing straight. Some may need to be supported as they get tall and top-heavy.

I purchased such a kit at a local grocery store recently for my granddaughter to plant between her online school sessions and one for her younger cousin to plant on her next visit here. Both granddaughters are turning into garden and plant enthusiasts.

In recent years I have planted lots of variations. One thing I have learned is that they are extremely top-heavy when full-grown. For that reason, be sure to add a stick to support them in their pot, attaching the growing stem to the stick with a loose tie.

Take your pick, but do it soon if you want them to bloom in time for Christmas. As you can see below, Amazon has lots of gorgeous varieties to choose from:

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