Melamagic Works Wonders on Grease and Grime


I love all Melaleuca, non-toxic and biodegradable cleansers made with tea tree oil and other essential oils. Melamagic is right up there on the list of my favourite products. A heavy-duty cleaner made with tea tree oil, citric acid, and ginger essential oil, it works wonders on dirt, grease, and grime. Try it on most surfaces, including tile or vinyl floors, stove tops, BBQ grills, and even plastic furniture. It is not recommended on carpets or wood.

(Unfortunately) we still have a few of those once-trendy white plastic chairs on our decks at the cottage. Although stacked and covered over the winter, they still get grubby looking. At the beginning of every cottage season, I line them up and hose them off using Melamagic.

Melamagic, and all other Melaleuca products, contain no bleach or ammonia and create no harsh and dangerous fumes when used. It comes in a economical, concentrated formula, creating 32 gallons of cleaner when diluted with water.

I’ve also used Melamagic to clean out our pedal boat, another annual chore at the cottage.

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