Himalayan Salt, What is it and Why is it Good for You?

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt consists of pink crystals from the sea salt beds within the pristine conditions of the Himalayan mountain range in Asia, reportedly the purest salt available in the world.  

Contains Minerals, not Toxins

The absence of toxins and contaminants plus the presence of numerous trace elements makes Himalayan salt much healthier than highly processed, bleached, and chemically cleaned table variety.  The 84 minerals and elements present, including magnesium, potassium, sulfate, calcium, and sodium chloride, are already naturally occurring in our bodies, meaning their consumption does not expose our organs to unwanted, unnatural, and potentially dangerous ingredients.  These elements and minerals within Himalayan salt are present in colloidal form which means they are easily absorbed by our bodies.

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

  • prevents muscle cramps, cellulite, arthritis, kidney or gallstones, and gout
  • improves lung and vascular function (circulation) as well as sleep patterns
  • increases hydration and libido
  • reduces blood pressure and signs of aging
  • creates a healthy cellular pH
  • eliminates heavy metals and other toxins
  • strengthens bones

Why Table (Iodized) Salt is Not Healthy

The only minerals that table salt contains are chloride and sodium; all others are stripped in processing.  The iodine added to table salt is synthetic or unnatural so our bodies cannot absorb it properly.  Table salt also contains chemical agents to prevent the product from caking in the container it is packaged in.  Unfortunately, these chemical agents also prevent table salt from being absorbed efficiently in our bodies so the chemicals deposit and build up, creating potentially dangerous conditions within our organs.  Our cells then have to use up to twenty times the amount of water to neutralize the sodium chloride within the table salt.

Sea Salt vs Himalayan Salt

Sea salt from elsewhere in the world is healthier than regular table salt, but our oceans are becoming increasingly polluted from oil spills and chemical dumping. Sea salt is now also processed heavily as well.


The crystals of Himalayan salt are also beneficial as a bath soak, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation of the skin.

Himalayan salt is by far the healthiest salt available to us today and is readily available in most grocery stores.   If you love the taste of salt added to your food, try it soon to take advantage of the many health benefits this small change can add to your life.


6 thoughts on “Himalayan Salt, What is it and Why is it Good for You?

  1. I love this salt, it’s awesome. I had read about all the health benefits of it so I try to use it in meals and all my baking, too. Though as I’ve heard many of us are deprived in iodine these days, partly because many of us ARE using sea salt and Himalayan salts more instead of table salt. So I’ve been supplementing a bit with iodine just to be sure I get some in my diet.
    Where do you get your Himalayan salt in Ottawa? I’ve found it pretty reasonably priced at Winners.

  2. Thank you for your useful information. We at least do sea salt but I’ve often wondered about its impurities. Nipped that in the bud for my better 1/2 & I. Pink Himalayan salt it is. We think we saw it at that wall-to-wall place. Have to check our other local option as well. G’Day 🙂

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