Nepo Babies: Advantage or Disadvantage?


Have you heard of nepo babies? That’s the current label given to children of famous parents, coined from the word nepotism. Career success, or lack thereof, should have more to do with work ethic and attitude, not whether or not you got a leg up from your famous parents’ name and/or connections.

Whether their parents’ status has any effect on the success of those currently labeled as nepo babies is up for debate. After all, there are two sides to every story. Or should be.


The advantages for nepo babies are obvious. Famous last names are magnets in the entertainment, sporting, modeling business, and even politics. A name like Kardashian, Hadid, or Gretsky will at least get you in the door, if not straight to the top of the audition or tryout list.

For example, here in Canada, someone believed they could become Prime Minister, not because they had the qualifications or experience to do so, but because they are the son of a previous leader. The worst (scary) part is that voters were attracted to and blinded by the name too!

Are There any Disadvantages?

I bet it’s not easy being the offspring of famous parents. One only has to look at the media attention swarming around celebrities. That works both ways of course. Sometimes it would have ego-stroking, and fun advantages but it could also be incredibly annoying. I’m sure Prince Harry would agree.

Imagine that you are not interested in or possess no aptitude for whatever it is your famous parent achieved in their career. Would you be coerced or expected to give it a try anyway? Growing up in the lap of luxury, would you learn how to appreciate the luxuries or would you grow to expect them? Either possibility and potentially both could lead to a stressful, mental-health-altering childhood.

Do we Expect More of Nepo Babies?

I think we do. For example, would the biological kids of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie be anything but gorgeous? Although that’s more of a genetic example than what the term nepo babies was really created for, I know you know what I mean.

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