Siestas Are Good for You


Have you heard that siestas (AKA naps) are good for you? Apparently, they are, especially during the hot weather we have been experiencing. This is because our body temperatures lower automatically when we sleep.

Read all about the history of siestas to see how they made sense centuries ago and continue to do so today. What started off many years ago as a necessity is now touted to be highly beneficial to our health. Whether you are accustomed to heatwaves or not, cooling off with a midday nap might be the answer this summer.

Why Siestas are Healthy

Research has shown that naps are beneficial for boosting energy, increasing creativity, and even improving short-term memory.  Parents know children that who nap during the day can maintain better behaviour and energy levels until bedtime at night.  Apparently, adults can benefit from naps too; the question is how long should adults nap for maximum productivity.

How Long Should Adults Nap For?

The same source reveals that fifteen to twenty-five minutes is an ideal length for siestas. A mere 20-minute nap can boost energy levels without feeling groggy upon waking. For adults that is. Any longer than that promotes a deeper sleep which may cause brain fog, grogginess, and low productivity, totally defeating the purpose of midday siestas.

At one hour grogginess is reduced but short-term memory can improve.  One hour and thirty minutes of sleep allow for a full REM (rapid eye movement) cycle,  and improved creativity upon waking. Longer naps are especially beneficial when making up for a lack of sleep the night before.

Children and Naps

Of course, young children need longer naps to avoid the consequences of sleep deprivation. They probably benefit more from a minimum of 90 minutes of napping.   Parents probably benefit most from their children taking longer naps too, creating a win-win situation.

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