Collagen: My Joints Missed It!

Collagen: My Joints Missed It!

I’ve told you about the products from Landish that I swear by. I now have a real-life testimonial to share. It has been about a year now that I have been adding this collagen to my morning smoothies. My nails, hair, and, most importantly, my joints have really noticed.

Before I left for my amazing trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico I ran out of Pure Canadian Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen. I delayed ordering so it would not arrive when I was away but then forgot upon arriving home.

Well, my aching joints reminded me less than a week after arriving back. Of course, the miserably cold, damp weather here does not help. Fortunately, Landish orders are very quick to ship out and land in my mailbox, so my joints should get some TLC soon.

If your joints ache this time of year consider adding collagen to your diet. If you decide on Landish as your supplier, use my referral code for a discount.

As well as the marine collagen, I love the turmeric, ginger, latte mix. It is especially comforting as a late night, bedtime treat:

Collagen: My Joints Missed It!

If you try some, let me know what your favourite products are!

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