October Blooms in Zone 4

October blooms

There is not usually much still looking good in this zone 4-5 region of Eastern Ontario. This year the recent spot of warm weather has encouraged some October blooms. Many perennials are reblooming and annuals are perking up in my gardens.

Annual Blooms

Annuals are those types of plants that get killed off by frost and must be replanted every spring. Their claim to fame is that they bloom all summer. By this time of year though they often look leggy and washed out.

On a stroll through my gardens this (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend, I found a few annuals still looking cute including portulaca, zinnias, and dahlias. Annuals in all the containers I planted are still looking marvelous too!

Perennial October Blooms

Perennials are my go-to plants as you only have to plant them once. Although you can move them around from season to season if you (or they) are not happy where they are located. I do that all the time.

Unlike annuals that bloom all summer, perennials only bloom for a specific time through the growing season, a month at most. Some though rebloom after their initial bloom time, offering a bonus of colour when you least expect it.

I have several roses for example that do just that. These bloom and rebloom and sometimes rebloom again!

Other perennials sporting reblooming features include sage, butterfly bush, tickseed, blanket flower, geraniums, lavender, false sunflowers, asters, achillea, tickseed, daisies, and clematis:

The silver lace vine, asters, ornamental grasses, hibiscus, and hydrangeas are not reblooming, just fall-blooming perennials that are still going strong:

What’s still looking good in your garden?

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