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Bacon on the BBQ? Try it, You’ll Love it!

Do you love the taste of bacon (who doesn’t?) but hate the greasy smell that lingers in your house after cooking it?

For that reason, as well as to prevent the (non-air conditioned) cottage from overheating by using the electric range, I decided to try cooking bacon on our (outdoor) gas BBQ at our cottage recently.

The trick was to start cooking the bacon in a fry pan to contain most of the grease. This pan has ridges on the bottom, perfect for crispy bacon.

When the bacon was almost crispy (the way we like it), I removed it from the pan and put it directly on the BBQ grill (perpendicular to the grill rack to prevent pieces from slipping through the cracks).

I’ve tried the black silicone mats at this stage, but they get greasy and gross for the person on cleanup. Not to mention the grease accumulating on the mats is very flammable.

Try cooking bacon on the BBQ, you wont be disappointed!

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