Earth Day: Celebrate by Sharing the Love

Earth Day: Celebrate by Sharing the Love

I love sharing my love and respect for nature with my grandchildren, so this article from New York Times caught my attention today on Earth Day.

My grandchildren are at the age where their brains are like sponges. They soak up (and enjoy, I hope) all the nature I throw at them…

Both of my granddaughters love to help me in my gardens, both are great little workers. Planting seeds in anticipation of gardening season and even getting dirty by digging in the dirt is becoming a hobby for them. The eldest (7) has even helped me design a garden for her mother.

My eldest grandson is four, he loves the great outdoors. On our most recent “adventure” we checked out a local pond for tadpoles and fish to enhance my backyard pond. I tried to explain to him that his wiggly friends were still hiding in the mud waiting for the water to warm up, but he was still keen to try…

He is also a bug lover, upturning all the stones (even the stepping stones I installed so he won’t trample my plantings) and statues in my garden looking for their hiding spots. He hit pay dirt on his recent visit…

My second youngest grandson will be two years old this summer. He loves to mimic his big brother (the grandson mentioned above) so it won’t be long before he too shows interest in nature.

My youngest grandson, a pandemic baby, just turned a year old. Not quite walking yet, he does love to look out the windows at the birds and even the wind blowing in the trees. I look forward to the day he toddles around the garden, following his big sister.

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