Long-Term Effects of Covid on Children

I worry about the short and long-term effects of covid on our children. Social distancing does not come naturally to them. It is difficult enough for us adults, but we (most of us) can see and understand the reason behind the rules. We also do our best to explain these rules to our kids and grandkids.

Social Distancing is not Natural for Children

When we were not allowed to hug or touch each other I would tell my grandkids that “grandma is sick and doesn’t want to make you sick.” This little white lie worked, but I could see the confusion on their sweet little faces.

The primary (pun intended) lesson learned in sending our kids to school at four years old is supposed to be the development and practice of social skills. You know, stuff like sharing, trading, empathy, taking turns, and more. How can they do this if social distancing is their new norm?

What lessons are they going to learn instead? Don’t touch, don’t get too close, don’t care, and god forbid, don’t share. Will they learn anything beneficial? At what point are we doing them more harm than good?

Parents’ Dilemma

Parents are facing a dilemma. Most families need two incomes to stay afloat financially, and cannot afford to have one parent stay home to look after young children. Single parents have even fewer choices. Daycares offer the same risk and discourage social skills as schools are doing.

So, what is the answer? Perhaps a Covid-related, government-issued benefit for a parent to stay home to care for, nurture, and educate their young children. If we can pay any previously employed adults to stay home even though they could/should have returned to work, why can’t we pay parents to stay home? Of course, like maternity/paternity leave, it would have to guarantee a job upon their return to work.

3 thoughts on “Long-Term Effects of Covid on Children

  1. That’s a good idea! Although, I think the government would be unenthusiastic about it. They’re already dragging their feet on a new stimulus package. I just don’t understand why we pay so many taxes but can’t seem to get the relief we need with the money we’ve already provided.

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    I’ve wondered the same thing. It’s hard enough on adults, but some kids are growing up not knowing any other way of behaving except to be paranoid and isolated. I still pray for everyone. I trust the Lord will get us through this. ~Connie

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