The Simple Things in Life

Have you noticed that it’s the simple things in this crazy, (hopefully) unique, pandemic- gripped world we are living in that are providing the greatest comfort and pleasure?

I sure hope you’ve noticed! Six months in now, we (most of us) have been forced to slow down and reevaluate our lifestyles. Extra-curricular activities, travel and general running around has been curtailed, if not completely shut down. People are taking up cooking, baking, gardening, and DIY projects like never before.

These are a few of the simple things I have been enjoying. I guess I always have enjoyed them, am just appreciating them more these days…

  • Spending as much time with my family as possible. I am fortunate to have three grown sons, two daughter-in-laws, and five grandchildren that I adore. My husband says I glow when the kids are around, I guess that says it all!

  • Sitting on the shore of, (watching the wildlife), swimming in or flying across the surface of a beautiful, crystal clear lake. Cottage life itself is simple (for us) as our 3 bedroom, 1 bath and small kitchen are rustic, taking just an hour to clean. Add a fire pit and a propane BBQ and what more do you need, really?

Cheers to you and your loved ones. I hope you are safe, healthy and appreciating/enjoying the simple things too.


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