Locked in with the Ladies

locked in with the ladies

Alyssa Lyons, Michelle Knezovic, and Lindsay Eastwood are the ladies locked into discussions on anything sports related, with Chiann Nobrega as the editor and producer. I became aware of this Locked in with the Ladies YouTube series because Lindsey Eastwood is a fantastic local hockey player.

I say local because she grew up here in Ottawa playing minor hockey, but spent the most recent years playing for Syracuse University in New York State. As their team captain, I should add.

Lindsey’s dedication and enthusiasm for hockey are (and have been for years) evident to anyone that knows her or of her; her success is so well deserved. Lindsey’s parents are the quintessential hockey parents so prevalent here in Kanata, a suburb of Ottawa, known for its tightly-knit hockey community. When one of our kids succeeds, we are all thrilled and proud. Thanks to Facebook and other methods of social media, we can all stay updated on their progress.

I do not know much about the other women involved, but if they are anywhere near as inspirational and knowledgeable as Lindsey is, this adventure should be awesome. Find out for yourself. Lock in with the ladies to check out their weekly episodes and subscribe to their success.

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