Gardens4me and Gardens4u

I am so excited!  Ontario’s premier Doug Ford has announced landscapers can start back to work starting today, May 4th.  That means Gardens4u is officially open for the season.  While I was waiting for this to happen (the re-opening) I worked (with the help of my hubby) exclusively on my own gardens.  They are probably in the best shape they have ever been this early in the season, except maybe for the spring my son got married. When my gardens and pond were all cleaned up, and ready for summer, I got extra creative and painted a Gardens4me sign on the gateway to my gardens.


It has been a long time coming, but I am grateful we landscapers are included in the first step of reopening the economy that is getting decimated by COVID-19. That means Gardens4me will have to step aside so I can now concentrate on Gardens4u.

At least one month later than usual, hopefully, I can breeze through spring maintenance and cleanup, moving on to planting and designing gardens and containers.

I have been keeping up with my planks in preparation for this day, now if Mother Nature would only cooperate, all would be good. At least in my relatively covid-free bubble.