Energy of a Two-Year-Old Child

energy of a two-year-old

I forgot about the impressive energy of a two-year-old child.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every minute of the recent opportunity to spend lots of quality time with my granddaughter. Especially as it came during these turbulent times of social distancing when visits with my grandchildren are limited to seeing them from a distance.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, my son had to remain in the hospital with his wife as they welcomed their son into the world.  There were no in/out privileges or other visitors allowed.  With a two-year-old at home, this was tricky to manage with current social distancing rules.

Ever since the hospital rules were described to the parents-to-be, my husband and I were committed to keeping ourselves and our home virus-free, so our granddaughter would be safe staying here while her parents were in the hospital.

As mentioned, we were happy to have the honour, although she kept us on our toes…

Oh, the energy of a 2-year-old,

all whirlwind and endless mess.

Up the stairs, down the stairs,

slamming doors in jest.

Up and down the hills outside

run faster Grandma, faster!

Quiet time means Frozen,

Anna, Elsa, and lots of friends.

5 a.m. comes too early,

even earlier than the sun.

We forgot, it’s been so long,

but so enjoyed the fun!

Our house now seems so quiet without the pitter-patter of her little feet as well as the sweet chatter, giggles, and singing.


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