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Advantage Introverts!

Introverts have such an advantage in this COVID-19 turmoil and the isolation, quarantine and social distancing guidelines it has spawned.  So much so that I find myself wishing I was more introverted.

I never realized before just how much of an extrovert I am.  Or perhaps it’s the strict rules we have been instructed to live by that I bristle at.  I never have been good at someone telling me what I can and cannot do, or when I can do them.  I am getting lots done, things I have been procrastinating about forever, but not on my own terms.

I am missing the social interaction we take for granted that enriches our daily lives.  Whether it’s chatting with neighbours, meeting friends for lunch or coffee, or stopping in to our favourite stores.  I miss the actions and all of the people that make them so special.

I miss my grandchildren so much, and their parents too of course.  The sunny smiles, hugs and laughter from the children and the amusing anecdotes their parents share with us is what makes my world go round, usually.  My world feels like it has turned upside down, we me holding my breathe until it rights itself.

Compared to others, my life is relatively good.  My family is safe and healthy. My landscaping business may get a late start this season, but my freelance writing can fill in the extra time.  And, my own gardens may get some extra TLC.

This extrovert is just impatient for this nightmare to be over.  In the meantime, perhaps I should try channeling my inner introvert so I might enjoy the few things left we are allowed to do.


14 thoughts on “Advantage Introverts!

  1. Spring still a no show here in Okanagan valley and remains just around the corner. Lots of space here to get fresh air without getting within 2 metres and the cold weather is keeping a lot of people inside also. I think a number of people are using internet video apps to see the faces of family if they are under isolation conditions.

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    1. yes here too, isn’t technology amazing? I get to videochat with my grandchildren. Even though I am not sick, we have told them I am because they are too young to understand why I cannot play or visit with them and them with me.

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  2. Being a reasonably introverted person who can be fulfilled with many activities at home, I can tell you I’m having an easier time staying put than some of my restless friends. I’m spending lots of time in the yard soaking in our seventy degree weather and sunshine. It’s a great place to write. I wish peace for the restless.

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    1. I too am spending lots of time outdoors and do love that, always have. I am having the hardest time with not being able to hug and visit (in person) my grandchildren.

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