What in the World

What in the world is going on? Here is my take, in a poem-like concoction, with apologies to all you real poets…

COVID-19 restricting us all,

lives are drastically afflicted.

Isolation, quarantine, or social distancing,

6 feet apart to flatten the curve.

Toilet paper and sanitizer hoarders,

the rest of us find empty shelves.

Work from home if you can,

but essential services must carry on.

Exhausted health care providers,

exposed on the front lines.

Vacations morph to staycations,

household projects, long walks and naps,

doorstep deliveries, Netflix and wine.


 No grandkids’ sweet hugs and smiles,

no sticky fingers, runny noses to wipe,

or diapers to change.

too young for window visits,

virtual viewing only,

thank heavens for modern technology.

Baking solo is no fun either,

tidier and quicker,

but less giggles.



3 thoughts on “What in the World

  1. The world always moves in its extreme spectrum. Some are moving towards minimalistic life, and some are filling up their life with more and more luxuries. Same goes for science, some intend to use it for the wellbeing of human beings and some for its destruction. If we meet the people who are dying and left with very little time in this world, they always point out the simple pleasures of life with fondness and mention without fail, how they ran after false dreams or desires, which were not worth it, with regret. It’s always a pleasure to read your thoughts. Stay safe.

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