Embracing the Gray, Finally

Remember when I said gray was not my colour? Well, it is now. I have been thinking about reverting to my natural colour (actually a pretty silvery gray) for a while now. I’m not sure if this is because I am getting close to the 60 milestone, or because I have been colouring it for close to 30 years now, or a bit of both. My gray hair started coming in at the age of 14! In my twenties, people thought I had streaked my hair, as the silver was face-framing and (so I was told) quite pretty. By thirty I had more gray than dark brown.

For the past two years I have been colouring my hair with a recipe from esalon and must admit I do love their product. I got the perfect reddish brown shade I was aiming for, without the orangey glow that often comes with a red tone.

This week I bit the bullet, silver bullet that is. I had my hairdresser match my silvery roots to silver streaks amongst the reddish brown I have been dying it for years. She (and I) was quite pleased with the results and the fact that the colour came out of the streaks enough to make them silver and not yellow.

The success could be a result of the pre treatment I tried at home. I googled at home remedies to remove permanent hair colour and tried a concoction three times. It did remove some colour (I could see a difference) but not quite enough for my liking. I used a mixture of baking soda and crushed vitamin C tablets mixed with Head and Shoulders shampoo.

Whatever the reason it worked, it was a shock when I looked in the mirror at the salon, but once it was blown dry I loved it. It will make growing out the silver much easier and less obvious than sporting a white, skunk-like stripe every three weeks.

Every woman friend or family member I have since run into love it too. My husband, not so much. I knew he wouldn’t…he is a, you know, creature of habit kind of guy. He cannot figure out why anyone would want to go gray (he has very little of it himself) Two of three sons (the two oldest, 30 and 28) were ambivalent, the youngest (22) loves it. Go figure.

If you live in the Ottawa area, go visit Michelle at Mancini Hair Studio in Kanata’s Hazeldean Mall.


7 thoughts on “Embracing the Gray, Finally

  1. I’m actually waiting until I have enough dough to color my hair all gray

    Because it takes a couple of bleaching to be done, it costs quite a bit

    But I’ve always loved gray!

    Love your hairdo!

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