Wicked Viruses Going Around

There appear to be several wicked viruses going around. One of them crossed my path recently, and it hasn’t been pretty!

This week while I have been TKO’d with a virus, my grandchildren are all healthy. But throughout prior weeks all of them were in contact with the very common and benign Coxsackievirus. That’s the one that causes Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (HFMD) in children. Kids with HFMD have symptoms including fever and a telltale rash on their hands, feet, in and around their mouths etc. Apparently, it is very contagious, spreading easily among children and even to adults.

I cannot be sure that is what I managed to catch, but after talking to several friends in the health profession, we think it is highly likely. My symptoms included fever, chills, general weakness, exhaustion, lack of appetite, and a hacking cough. One thing I did not have, as is common with a flu bug, was nausea or vomiting. Thankfully! I did promise them (and my concerned family members) that if my symptoms worsened or did not improve by today, I would go get checked out.

Due to my own 30-year career in the healthcare industry, I try to minimize my visits to the doctor and hospital. I have witnessed overcrowded and misused ERs and clinics. I know that when one of these wicked viruses attacks your immune system, there is no treatment other than rest, lots of fluids, and more rest. I have been averaging about 15 hours of sleep per day, seriously. I also realize that with all the attention the Coronavirus has been collecting worldwide, medical staff are up to their ears in scared patients.

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling somewhat better, but sweaty from the fever. I decided a nice, hot shower would feel wonderful. Well, I managed to get into the shower, but the last thing I remembered was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair and wondering if I needed to open a new bottle of conditioner….

Yep, I passed out in the shower. I’m guessing I merely slumped forward, since I came to (mere seconds later, I think) on my hands and knees, with the water still running. The conditioner never made it to my hair, but I did manage to crawl back to bed to reassess just how well (not) I was feeling.

I did not realize my son was still at home (he had scheduled the day off work to prepare for university midterms), but when he came to check on me he admitted that he had heard a thump and thought I had dropped the shampoo or something. Other than a bruise on my knee today, I got off lucky. I was also fortunate to have someone home to wait on me all day, forcing me to stay in bed and take it easy.

This morning I was much smarter and more cautious, even though I felt even better. I have learned that better is a relative term, so still not 100%, but much better. I have to keep pushing my impatience aside to let common sense (and advice from loved ones) prevail. Another clue that I’m not completely recovered came to light after I drove my son to a local park-n-ride to catch a bus downtown. The busses here in Kanata were not running on schedule due to a major snow storm and he has a midterm to get to. The drive took less than 5 minutes, return trip, but the proof was in the wobbliness of my legs upon my return.

The last 4 days are now a blur in my mind thanks to the wicked viruses circulating around town this winter. Thankfully, my immune system stepped up and won the battle. Now I just have to show it (my immune system that is) some appreciation and relaxation. Easier said than done, but I’ll do it.

A few sewing projects, income tax, and the snow shoveling will just have to wait! Wicked viruses take precedence, unfortunately.

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