St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs Program

Have you heard of the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs Program? This sticker, to promote the program, was designed by my talented niece Jillian Sliter, just one of many artistic accomplishments displayed in her expanding graphic design portfolio.

St. John Amburlance Therapy Dogs new logo
St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs sticker

The St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs Program was initiated over twenty years ago to help bring immeasurable happiness, joy, comfort, and even stress relief to the sick, elderly, and/or lonely. With the first pilot project, a success in Peterborough, Ontario the program has grown tremendously since then, now in operation within Canadian communities from coast to coast.

The sweet faces and antics of these well-trained therapy dogs are popular in seniors’ homes, schools, community centers, hospitals, and more. The dogs can be cuddled, petted, and played with, all low impact activities that can offer a healthy distraction from sadness, pain, and loneliness.

Police officers, social workers, and firemen alike recognize the contributions to communities that these dogs can also offer in times of crisis. These four-legged, friendly volunteers are unique. My brother’s dog Jackson loves his new job, and his new friends cannot resist his adorable personality and face.

If you or someone you know might benefit from the services of a therapy dog, contact your local branch of St. John Ambulance to submit your request.

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