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buy local

As a small business owner myself, I am all for supporting and promoting local entrepreneurs. When you buy local, from growers, artisans, or crafters alike, you are investing in the economy of your own community. That’s healthier on so many levels.

TruLOCAL is such a business delivering their local meat products anywhere in Ontario. Your chosen products arrive frozen in airtight packages, packed with dry ice to keep the contents cold for many hours. That means it can sit on your step until you get home. You also receive an email notification of when it will arrive.

I have received several shipments now and must say, I love the products and the ease of ordering online. You can easily change the frequency and size of your order as well as the products in each order. There are so many items to choose from. Each order is based on a point system, you simply fill your order until your “box” is full. For example, with BBQ season coming soon (I hope) I will be ordering more steaks and fewer roasts.

The best part? Their meat products come from locally raised, free run and grass-fed animals, that are free of hormones and antibiotics. In this era of heightened awareness, these qualities cannot be ignored. Sustainable foods are popular today, cows raised in pastures instead of feedlots turn out healthier, tastier meat with more vitamins and minerals.

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10 thoughts on “Buy Local, Support Small Business

  1. On Wednesdays and Thursdays each week they have local farmers and crafters selling their wares at the picnic area in town. I like to stop and shop. I can get crafts, honey, candles, fresh produce, and already prepared food from one of the local farms.

  2. I support small business, cause I’m one too, and it sure ain’t easy out here 🙂 that’s why I do what I do, help small businesses get their customers back more often and brings friends. Kind Regards, Steve

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