Mentoring Solopreneurs: Fascinating!

Recently I reconnected with an old friend from high school.  Catching up, we chatted (along with many other things) about what our respective siblings are doing and have accomplished.  Having retired early (at 52) myself to become a solopreneur (sole owner/operator) of a gardening business, I was fascinated by one particular achievement.  One of this friend’s sisters, to quote from her website, is dedicated to “helping solopreneurs rise to new heights and reach their full potential” with her mentoring for solopreneur services.  Her books, online courses, newsletters, and workshops are aimed at mentoring solopreneurs through the frustrating, (often) overwhelming, and discouraging process of starting a business.

mentoring solopreneurs

If I have piqued your interest in learning more about Virginia McGowan and these mentoring services, please check out her website at your leisure.  When this website motivates and inspires you as it did me, be sure to preorder a hard copy of “Harness the Power”.  You will then be eligible to receive a free copy of Virginia’s E-book “Top Tips for Solopreneurs”

I can’t wait to read the book, in fact, I wish I had the opportunity to read it six years ago when I was embarking on my own solopreneur adventure.  Bottom line?  We are never too old to learn!

If you think mentoring solopreneurs is a service you could benefit from, order the book.

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