Did we Pay a Tariff on This Heatwave?

If you haven’t noticed, Ottawa is in the middle of a heatwave, as are many places throughout Canada.  I wonder if we paid a tariff on the heat coming from the US of A.  Perhaps Donald Trump hasn’t thought of that yet.  If he did, we would have to retaliate and charge Americans a tariff on the cold fronts we send you every winter (currently) for free.

Seriously, the heat and humidity are so high that it’s just too hot for me to spend more than a few minutes in anyone’s gardens this week.  So, what else can a gardener do in this heat?  Well, I met a friend for coffee this morning and power-washed my front veranda this afternoon.  Even though there was cool water involved, the power washing was a hot and dangerous job. As I was reaching into the back of my van to remove my power washer, I heard a hissing noise just before the back trunk slammed down on my head.  Just what I needed, a concussion to go with the possible heatstroke.

I guess that gives me something to work on tomorrow…getting the struts (that’s what my mechanic told me they are called) on the trunk repaired.  Then I will spend some time with my baby granddaughter.  After that I can continue working on the quilt I am making for my almost five-year-old granddaughter.  Although quilting is usually a winter passion of mine, this heatwave will give me some time to work on the project that is (still) spread out on my dining room table.

That’s Canada for you.  Heatwaves and cold snaps alike tend to make us retreat to the comfort of our air-conditioned or heated homes.  Just forget I mentioned the word tariff, I wouldn’t want to put ideas in anyone’s head!


4 thoughts on “Did we Pay a Tariff on This Heatwave?

  1. Gee whiz, is your head OK? I have been whacked a few times myself when I was too slow to get out of the way!

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