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Why do eggs bother my stomach sometimes but not all the time?


In addition to wheat, asparagus and cream (high fat), eggs bother my stomach, suggesting I am intolerant of them.  But only sometimes.  I have tried to figure out if it is the way they are cooked (over easy, omelets, scrambled etc), or what they are cooked in (butter, olive oil etc) but have not come up with a definitive answer.  Because I am intolerant of wheat, I have even wondered if I am reacting to eggs from grain fed chickens.

I have done some research to see if I could find the answer; here are a few suggestions I came across:

  • don’t eat eggs on an empty stomach
  • eat other things with the eggs like toast, home fries etc
  • cook them well (over easy used to be my favourite)
  • drink something carbonated with them
  • don’t cook them in butter

I have not tried the carbonated trick yet, but carbonation is not my friend either so I probably won’t.  My last attempt at consuming eggs was in an omelette, with just a bit of olive oil to coat the pan, but a few hours later the omelette went right through me with accompanying stomach cramps and diarrhea.

I ate it by itself though, with no toast on the side, and on an empty stomach, so I may have my answer.

Anyone else have this problem?




5 thoughts on “Why do eggs bother my stomach sometimes but not all the time?

  1. I get that sometimes. I find scrambled and hardboiled eggs don’t bother me, but sometimes fried (anything with a runny yoke) sometimes does. I have found that carbonated drinks helped, but who wants all that sugar? Sadly, I’ve not found a solution, mostly I’m just careful what kind of eggs I eat.

  2. My guess it’s because of the chicken’s food like you suggested. Do you use brown or white eggs? A friend of mine gives me fresh eggs from her chickens. They’re brown-shelled with deep orange yolks and delicious! I hate it when I have to get eggs in the store. Add some chopped spinach to your eggs and see if the magnesium in the spinach will calm you tummy.

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