TruLocal: Customized Meat Delivery Service

Recently I have become acquainted with the TruLocal program that sells local, organic meat delivered (fast and free) to your Ontario home.  I first heard of it on Dragon’s Den, then was reminded of it when I saw an ad on Facebook.  The meat contains no hormones and no antibiotics.   Unlike other companies that offer home delivery of grocery items, you select only the meat you want (will use).  I tried other food services years ago but found I was always forced to add items I did not want to my package.

TruLocal Meat

Using a point value system, TruLocal lets you customize your order with a total of 20 points per box.  Each item is individually wrapped, the meat is packed in a Styrofoam box and shipped in dry ice via FedEx right to your door, usually the very next day.

There are lots of cuts and kinds of meat to choose from including chicken, turkey, beef, salmon and more…

If your family loves meat and you love the idea of buying organic, local products, this may be the program for you!  So far I love the products, the convenience, and the knowledge I am supporting local farmers that promote humane, sustainable, and environmentally friendly standards.

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