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Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating today

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends and family celebrating today…


happy thanksgiving

If only we could set our scales back 10 pounds on Thanksgiving or any other holiday we spend with friends, family and lots (too much) of delicious food and drink.


On a more serious note, be sure to be thankful for what you are celebrating!

happy thanksgiving

Like this sign says, be kind, be thoughtful, be genuine, but most of all be thankful!


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating today

  1. I burned the extra stuffing I cooked in the cast iron pot. My plan had been to heat the pot then turn the fire out, letting the hot metal do the work. My second mistake was forgetting to salt the turkey cavity. I honestly don’t know if it made a difference or not, but my mother always did it and naturally I followed her way. I forgot to put napkins out and we didn’t have quite enough silverware because the dishwasher did not run right and by the time it finished the “second” time we were eating already. Other than those minor mistakes we had a great dinner and a good time with our guests. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a few mishaps, now would it?

    1. no it would not LOL. Reminds me of that commercial on TV where the woman burns the roast and the dog eats it

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