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Mooooove over greenhouse gas emissions and carbon taxes!

Can changing our cows’ diet lower greenhouse gas emissions?  Wouldn’t that be a better way to deal with greenhouse gas emissions than creating carbon taxes?   Watch this video, courtesy of The National on CBC News, and tell me what you think?



It has been known for years that the methane gas cows produce (from both ends) is responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions around the world.  Excessive greenhouse gas emissions (lower in Canada than many other countries, but that’s another beef, pun intended) are to blame for the carbon taxes our government is gouging us with. I call that a bandaid fix, not a proactive solution.  Why not help fix the problem at one of the main sources?

2 thoughts on “Mooooove over greenhouse gas emissions and carbon taxes!

    1. research show that 15% of emissions are from cattle. Canada’a contribution to these emissions (globally) are less than 1%. I think it is a better idea than applying carbon taxes to our citizens whose cars cause less than 1% of the problem. Perhaps other countries do not apply


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