Never Have I Ever

never have I ever

Never have I ever seen lavender or clematis blooming in late October!  At least not in our zone 4 to 5 gardens here in Ottawa.   I have cut back June lavender blossoms before resulting in late August, even early September reblooming, and have seen spring-blooming clematis rebloom in August, but never late October…

Ornamental grasses are at their peak, waving in the breeze.  Other perennials still in bloom or reblooming include clematis, lots of roses, phlox, butterfly bush, Russian sage, periwinkle, and more…

I am supposed to be doing fall cleanups on my GARDENS4U clients’ gardens this week, but their gardens are still so nice I hesitate to cut anything down. Containers of frost-tender annuals are still looking great too, so those were left to continue their beautiful displays as well.

The problem is though that the cold, miserable weather is sure to be here soon. Then I will be in a panic to get all the gardens put to bed for the winter.

I did get covered in burs and seed heads removing some weeds though; a peril of the job…

Even the butterflies and bees are loving this warm fall weather; this butterfly bush was covered with both. Never have I ever seen so many in one spot.

I am in no hurry for frost to send these beautiful perennials into dormancy.


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