Happy Thanksgiving

It is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.  We celebrate the second Monday in October, while other countries celebrate in November.  I believe the reason for that is the fact that our winters arrive sooner here, so our harvests are earlier.   After all, Thanksgiving did originate as a celebration after harvest was complete.

Regardless of when you celebrate Thanksgiving, be sure to remember all the things you are grateful for.  This previous post listed the things I was grateful for two years ago.  All of these still apply, with the wonderful addition of my sons’ significant others and two (with a third one on the way) grandchildren.

With the arrival of grandchildren comes a new addition to my dining room furniture, just in time for Thanksgiving…


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. I trust you had a great day. When I read your your Thanksgiving greeting I thought you were being silly or senile. I guess I haven’t given much thought to when holidays are celebrated in other countries! Is a turkey dinner part of day like here in the US?

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful growing family, Lori! Oh, and enjoy the all the gobble-gobble. 😊 xo

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