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Las Vegas tragedy makes gun control seem like a no brainer

I was going to write a post about this sickening tragedy in Las Vegas, but Jimmy Kimmel says it all right here…

well said Jimmy! I only hope the powers that be are motivated enough to do something about it.

2 thoughts on “Las Vegas tragedy makes gun control seem like a no brainer

  1. There are already several thousand gun laws on the books. How many laws does it take before people obey them? Another law will not make a difference – it’s the attitude of the person. Knives kill people, but I can’t imagine my kitchen without a knife. Baseball bats kill so do we go to a styrofoam model? Drunk drivers kill, but there is still alcohol available. People have to learn to control their emotions, thoughts and impulses. One way to do that is by putting God back in their lives.

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    1. can you really compare having knives in your kitchen to a guy with that many assault weapons? What is their purpose other than to kill many people at once? I can understand the right to have a rifle or whatever for hunting, even to prevent someone from invading your home etc, but this goes far beyond reasonable


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