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Summer colds

Colds are miserable to have any time, but summer colds are the worst and a first for me.  I am just recovering from a doozy that lasted almost two weeks.  It started out with general fatigue, then a sore throat set in followed by laryngitis for three days.  A sinus headache, fever, dry cough and swollen glands were in there too, just for good measure.

summer colds
cold virus


Apparently, there is a nasty cold virus going around.  I am happy to report I am feeling much better, my talking voice is back and no longer scratchy.  Even my singing voice has returned!





One thought on “Summer colds

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re doing better. You might want to add vitamin C 500mg two times a day and magnesium 250mg two times a day to your supplement routine to help boost your immune system. I take those in the morning and again before bed. Your body does a lot of work while we sleep so I figured it’d be helpful to have a bit then. Do that for 4-6 weeks to give your immune system a boost and better recovery. It may give you loose stools but don’t worry, it’s temporary.

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