Thunderstorm Season

thunderstorm season

The weather here in Ottawa has seen a few hot sunny days typical of our summer season, but thunderstorm season would be a much more accurate description. We have had more thunderstorms than usual this summer. The good news is they move in fast and are (usually) gone just as fast.

This picture was taken during one of them. You can see the rain pouring from the corner of the roof as I huddled under its overhang…

Once again I was chased from a client’s garden due to a thunderstorm today.  I am averaging at least one thunderstorm per week this summer.  There has been a lot more than that, but I am only counting the ones during the day when I am out and about visiting gardens.

I do not mind working in the rain, in fact, rain helps keep me cool and keeps the mosquitoes away from me.  Wet gardens are also easier to remove weeds from.  If it rains too hard, I seek shelter under an overhang until the rain subsides enough to work in…

Thunderstorms are different though, they make me nervous when I get caught outside in one.   I am always worried that if I get struck by lightning, no one would notice or find me since I usually work in gardens where no one is home.

I do love to watch and listen to thunderstorms from the safety of my home though!

3 thoughts on “Thunderstorm Season

  1. I like to work outside in the rain, too, although we don’t have all that much of it. But thunderstorms are an entirely different thing. I think we are supposed to be genuinely afraid of lightning! 🙂

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