Dear John, I Found Your Rock

dear John

Dear John, as promised, I found a rock for your garden. It’s a beauty; pinkish-colored rock with specks of black mica to sparkle in the sun. Just like the one you admired in my front garden, only much bigger.

Dear John

John was a dear neighbor that passed away from cancer recently. Last summer I helped him and his wife reconfigure and enlarge the garden in their front yard. We left room for a large rock, but it could not be just any rock. You see, John was a geologist and loved rocks. He had a specific one in mind. Although we looked for one last fall, we could not find the perfect rock. I have a much smaller rock in my garden across the street from his that he admired. I was on the lookout for something similar for their garden.

When John passed away I consulted with our neighbors to see if they liked the idea of purchasing a rock for John’s garden in lieu of flowers at the funeral service. Knowing of John’s love for rocks and nature in general, everyone was on board and willing to help. I continued my search for the perfect rock. 

Recently I talked a client into removing this beautiful rock from a garden site he wants me to modify. The rock just happened to be the pink and black version I was searching for. Many thanks to Michael Blackie of  NeXT restaurant. After hearing of my search for John’s rock, he donated the rock (free) to the cause. Another neighbor volunteered to remove and deliver the rock to its new home as I did not have the equipment to do so. Thanks, Sean Fagan of Shamrock Home Upgrades, The grandson of yet another neighbor received a bonus ride on the tractor.

I am so grateful to live in this wonderful neighborhood that is full of kind, caring, and compassionate people like John. Every time I see his rock sparkle in the sun I will be reminded of his cheerful grin and sunny disposition.

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  1. Nice Lori. I am sure John is pleased. You are a good neighbor. Libby

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