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More home renovations

Stage two of our home renovations are now complete!  Stage One involved our front entranceway.  Our main floor powder room has been transformed from drab, boring and outdated into a beautiful, stylish and modern bathroom.  Everything was removed. Out with the old vanity, toilet, medicine cabinet/mirror, light, flooring, and paint.


Some DIY repairs and preparation included rerouting the plumbing because it would not fit behind the new vanity. Plum colored walls were painted a neutral taupe shade…


Next, came the new flooring, the same taupe and gray pattern we used in the hallway…


and finally, in with the new features.  The toilet, vanity, sink, and granite counter top came from GUS’ KITCHEN AND BATH. The light fixture and mirror came from Lowes.  Flooring was custom ordered from Home Depot.


The only thing that returned to the room after the renovations is a picture on the wall.  I plan to pick the deep purple color of the trilliums in the picture as my accent color for towels, soap dish and other accessories.




13 thoughts on “More home renovations

  1. Renovation sure is a tough job, I wonder how you managed to take care of the work and write a blog about it. You’re a amazing !

    1. I tried to send you a msg thru your site, cannot get it to SEND. I love your photography, all are beautiful! As a landscaper in Canada, I tell myself I am going to improve my photography technique every winter. I hope your tutorials are up and running soon! Can you recommend a good ‘starter” camera, I currently use my cell phone LOL

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