Suspended Coffee

suspended coffee

If you like coffee, or even if you don’t like coffee, you will like this.  The suspended coffee idea is perking up all over the world.  A random act of kindness or pay it forward theme always warms the heart and this is no exception…

It works like this:  When you order a coffee at a coffee shop, you pay for one or more extended coffees with yours.  Someone who cannot afford to pay for a cup of coffee can then come into the coffee shop and ask for a suspended (previously paid for) coffee.

This tradition first started in Italy, especially popular after the second world war.  It has since made its way into North America but seems to have petered out, at least in the Ottawa area.  I have researched to see if there are still any coffee shops doing this but cannot find any.  I will continue to search for some and see if I can get it going again here in Ottawa.

Some places have gone a step further to include a sandwich with a cup of coffee, and others offer tokens for customers to give out to the needy to redeem for meals.  All great ideas, but I will start small with the suspended coffee…

suspended coffee
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3 thoughts on “Suspended Coffee

  1. I love the idea, but you’re right it hasn’t kept going. I often carry a small number of gift cards (enough for a drink and a sandwich) that I give to people I meet that are in need of a meal.

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