Mirror mirror on the wall…

Instead of “mirror, mirror on the wall”, I should say “gardens, gardens on my route,  who’s the fairest of them all?”  I know that “all” does not rhyme with “route”, but let me ensure you get the picture, literally….


Here are my favorites, in no particular order…

Ornamental grasses: (sorry, I cannot recall the name of some of them.  I call the bottom, left one “fireworks”)


Roses:  shrubs, bushes, climbers, ramblers…






Spring bloomers:




Perennials (other than roses and lilies that each need a category all to themselves)




Sometimes plants are more striking because of what they are planted beside or in front of; color contrasts really pop in the garden:


I wish I would remember to take more pictures as I visit and work on my GARDENS4U clients’ gardens.  For each picture I took there are thousands of others that would fit right in this post.




2 thoughts on “Mirror mirror on the wall…

  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely…a joy to view. We had a “PLANT EXCHANGE” for the family’s earliest Xmas Party and it was a total hit. Thank you for this post; it made me glad. ~~dru~~

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