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Anger rules election



I, like many other Canadians, watched the coverage of the election last night.  I did switch back and forth between the Ottawa Senators hockey game and the election coverage though, very Canadian of me!

Through the whole election process, I was struck by how divided the country (USA) was on their opinions of the candidates.  People were/are very definite in this election.  In past elections (ours included) opinions varied, but there appeared to be much less anger.  Previously, all candidates had their strengths and weaknesses.  Not so with this election.

People are angry at and sick of Hillary’s lies, deceit and suspected corruption.  Others are angry and disgusted with Trump’s comments, actions and lack of political experience.  Today there are many furious and heartsick people in the USA and around the world because Trump won the election.  As naive as it may sound,  I hope this anger dissipates soon so the country can move forward together.

I also hope that president-elect Trump is not the crass, irresponsible,  selfish, crude, racist, sexist, idiot that all of those angry people say he is…

9 thoughts on “Anger rules election

  1. I hope you favor the axiom ‘never judge a book by its cover’ because I have always believed in the axiom ‘actions speak louder than words’…. and just maybe you will indeed be surprised.

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  2. The American press always has great things to say about a Democrat, no matter how bad they are; and bad things about a Republican, no matter how good they are. President Reagan is a good example of their prejudice. While he was running for office the press kept asking, “What does a B-grade actor know about being president?” They completely ignored how much better he made California during his time as governor. They denigrated everything he did and seemed truly surprised when the world came to his funeral.
    Mr Trump always got good press until he decided tor run for the presidency. Suddenly, he became crass, irresponsible, and racist? I don’t think so. The media simply finds it impossible to be fair and unbiased. I voted for Trump because he was a successful businessman. It was about time our country was run like a business. Trump knows people and who will be the best fit for what needs to be done. I believe Trump will be able to put this country back on it’s feet. Obama’s legacy is a failed health care plan, support to our enemies, and over a trillion dollars in debt. Not much of a legacy in my opinion.

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