Watering your Garden and Lawn: When and How

drought conditions

In drought conditions like we have been experiencing here in the Ottawa (and most of Ontario) area, it is important that you know how and when to water your garden and lawns if you feel you must do so.

  • water plants in your garden at ground level, at the base of the plants.  Don’t spray the leaves of plants.  The hot sun will burn the wet foliage. (see pictures below)
  • water early in the morning or just before sunset so the water does not evaporate as quickly as it leaves your hose.
  • water well less frequently.  A long soak every few days is much better than a quick daily spray.  This encourages deep roots for your plants (and lawns too)
  • don’t forget to water your trees too.  Let water drip from a hose at the base of the tree for an hour when no rainfall is received for 4 or 5 hot days.
  • remember, lawns will recover, but many plants and trees will not

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4 thoughts on “Watering your Garden and Lawn: When and How

  1. Although not a gardener, I knew most of this because I’m from Sunny, Dry & Arid, Droughty Southern California by way of Las Vegas, NV. Known it most of my life but this served to remind me and I didn’t know to drip trees for an hour. Most of my trees are citrus and I usually put about 5 gallons on at a time by hand; which takes time. ~~dru~~

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