Drought conditions in Eastern Ontario

On a recent trip along the 401 between Ottawa and Kingston in Eastern Ontario, I could not help but notice the toll that the drought conditions have taken on the trees.  Usually beautiful, lush green against the magnificent limestone rock cuts, many of the deciduous trees are currently a toasted, brown color.  The rocks absorb the heat from the sun making the high temperatures that much more dangerous for the trees.  The rocky landscape is not able to retain the limited moisture we have had from rain…



Even though this was mid-August, it looked more like October when the leaves have changed color and are about to fall.  Although we have had more rain this past week, I don’t think these poor trees will recover.

2 thoughts on “Drought conditions in Eastern Ontario

  1. I just cannot understand the stupidity of Canadians in general, and Ontarians in particular.
    I suffered living in Ontario for 18 Years.

    You are in the middle of the largest fresh water repository IN THE WORLD!

    Yet, you refuse to tap into this resource with a pipeline from Georgian Bay to mid Ontario, or from Lake Ontario to mid-east Ontario.

    In the 1980’s this was proposed, but your now older populace were against it for some really stupid reasons, and now the younger generation are against it for the same asinine reasons, which make no sense to any intelligent person.

    Suck it up and suffer!

  2. I am so weary of our five-year drought that I often forget there are other regions plagued with the same issues. It is awful to see the trees die. We are seeing an incredible loss in trees, and the dead and dying trees are fueling some of the wildfires. It’s harsh, isn’t it!

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